Wendi Arndt has been a Lebanon resident for most of her life after moving from Meriden at the age of four in 1974. She has always done art, even at a young age.  Drawing has always come easily to her.


In high school Wendi was class artist. In 1990 she attended Norwich Free Academy for a year as a fifth year art student where she learned a lot about figure, portrait, composition, watercolor, oil and many other art related subjects.


 Since 1993 Wendi has done hundreds of commissioned portraits for her in-state and out-of-state customers. She does her portraits with the goal in mind to always make them as real and perfect as possible. Wendi is a realist.


 In the past Wendi has done human and animal portraits but now does only animal portraits.  She finds they are less stressful. Her medium for perfection is colored pencil, for fun it is oil pastels.


 Wendi looks forward every year to Lebanonís Equinox and the Arts art show.  Her goal for the year is to do one of her best pieces just for the show.


 Wendi is also Lebanonís wildlife rehabilitator for small mammals. Her proceeds from the sales of her portraits go towards Lebanon Wildlife Rehabs expenses.




























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