Artist of the Month - May, 2015

David Springer


About the Artist:

David Springer began making metal sculptures about three years ago.

"My first sculptures were actually wood but I prefer working with metal.  It's a challenging material to work with but I think its the most versatile.   Metals can be morphed into any shape and produce amazing colors with heat.  It's really satisfying to take something inert like a piece of rusty sheet metal and turn it into something seemingly organic.  Its a great hobby."

In 2014, Dave displayed sculptures at the Equinox and the Arts exhibition at the Jonathan Trumbull Library and in a local art gallery.  

Dave has no specialized training in art or sculpture and is self taught except for watching videos of sculptors.  He's interested primarily in animal subjects, especially sea creatures such as whales. Dave has lived in Lebanon for over eight years with his wife Jill and daughter, Rachael.  Many of his creatures can be seen scattered around his house and front yard.

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