Artist of the Month - August, 2015

Joan Heckerling


About the Artist:

I live in NYC and I discovered Lebanon about six years ago, when I came here with a friend who lives in a nearby town.  It is a beautiful place and I love coming back to visit whenever I can.

I have always loved to draw.  I took drawing classes as a child and attended the High School of Music and Art in NYC.  I focused on other studies in college and law school, but after I graduated and started working, on evenings and weekends, I took drawing and painting classes.

In 2000 I left my full time job, and while doing various projects and some teaching, I took the opportunity to enroll in morning classes at The Art Studentís League of New York.  I did a lot of figurative and portrait studies then, and started to work on painting more seriously and consistently. 

I now have an art studio in Long Island City where I paint and draw. I have had work selected for some group shows, and I enjoy the opportunity to participate and exhibit, but mostly I love the complex, challenging process of making art.  I feel it affords me the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow.

I am working on a variety of subjects in my paintings, but always from nature and from life.  Still life painting in particular has always been engaging to me.  I am interested in the shapes of the objects, the relationship between them, the space and shadows that surround them.  I see a particular character in each object, and if I have a personal connection to the subject, the process will evoke memories as well.    





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