Artist of the Month

June 2019 Artist of the Month

Don Rivest

I am a Norwich native, a Marine Corps veteran, and a retired engineer with the Southern New England Telephone Company with 30 years service.

Many years ago I was impressed with a laser photo.   The clarity, the visual detail, and the colors were so vivid that it inspired me to paint.  I don’t know why; I never painted before. I never had an art lesson. I bought some acrylic paint and some inexpensive brushes.  I found a piece of white cardboard and began to paint. I nearly finished when I realized that I didn’t know how to finish it. It sat in my basement for 25 years.  Upon rediscovery, I was encouraged to bring it to the senior center for some much-needed help. I made a frame for it and it sits in the kitchen as a reminder to never quit.  I guess that’s my Marine Corps mentality. Over the years I taught myself to paint by watching other people paint on the internet. What I like about painting is, I can challenge myself to do better.  When I start a painting I have a thought in mind of what it should look like when finished and guess what; it takes on a personality of its own. To me, that’s the fun of painting. -Don Rivest

Each month, May-February, Jonathan Trumbull Library displays the work of a local artist.
If you are interested in being a future Artist of the Month, please contact Donna Maheu at 860-642-7763 or email

If you are a child or teen interested in having your art displayed in the youth services library, please speak with Mrs. Slate.