Friends of JTL


President:  Allison Peterson
Vice President:  Melissa Hayes
Secretary:   Melinda Beever
Treasurer:   Amanda Shanks


     Over the past twenty-five years, the Friends of Jonathan Trumbull Library have accomplished many great things. Among our achievements is the creation of Equinox and the Arts, an annual exhibition of local artists’ work each spring. Another major event is our annual book sale in September, which has raised more than $60,000 since 1992, with all monies being spent in support of the library—beginning with the sign in the photo above! The Friends also get together to celebrate the holidays with a potluck dinner and a Yankee book swap, always a wonderful gathering.

     As a dedicated support group for ongoing programs, our goal is to keep our library a vibrant community center for all to enjoy. We support the funding of library passes to local museums, prizes for summer reading programs, materials for arts and crafts programs, honoraria for program presenters, and the purchase of larger items for the library, like new shelving and equipment for the children’s department. We will also be supporting our upcoming library renovation project—an exciting prospect for our town!

     The Friends meet on a quarterly basis at the library.

     Please consider joining the Friends of Jonathan Trumbull Library! You may print and mail (or drop off) the membership form, available here, with paper copies also available at the library. If you’re not able to attend the meetings, please know that any level of participation would be gratefully accepted. You can help with individual events of your own choosing, or simply support our endeavors with your membership—whatever you decide, you’re sure to find it a fulfilling experience.

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Peterson by email at