Policies & Board

Board of Trustees:

Catherine McCall (R) Chairman (11/16/2023)
Michelle Kersey (R) Vice Chair (11/18/2025)
Berkeley Nowosad (D) Trustee (11/21/2023)
Eilleen Weinsteiger (R) Trustee (11/21/2023)
Bill Goba (D) Trustee (11/18/2025)
Janice Knudsen (D) Trustee (11/18/2025)
Guthrie Dinda (R) Trustee (11/15/2027)
Christine Hadyka (R) Trustee (11/15/2027)
Suzanne Ninteau (R) Secretary (11/15/2027)

Five members are needed for a quorum; three members are up for election every other year. The term of each trustee is six years.


Jonathan Trumbull Library Bylaws – updated 9/25/23



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