Adult/Teen Summer Reading

Click here for Summer Reading for Kids

Summer Reading for Adults & Teens:

Let’s play Summer Reading BINGO!

Pick up your BINGO sheet at the library or download one here.

When you complete an activity on the Bingo sheet, mark that box. Then flip to the second page and find the number that matches the box and write down your answer!

To complete a Bingo, you must get 5 boxes in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. When you have a Bingo, bring the sheet into the library or send us a picture of both pages and you will earn a raffle ticket! For every Bingo you complete, you will be given a ticket for a raffle to win a prize!

Drawings will be held every 2 weeks and winners will be contacted by phone.

Your summer reading adventure awaits!

You can keep a list of everything you’ve borrowed from JTL by following these steps prior to checking out your summer books:
1. Log into your account
2. Account Preferences
3. Click “Keep history of checked items”
4. SAVE.
After saving, the books you have read will be saved in a list that you can print at the end of the summer.

2020 State of Connecticut Suggested Summer Reading Lists for High School

We will have the books from these lists displayed by grade for you to find easily.