From Miss Frances

Dear patrons,

On Monday, the 18th, my storytime was interrupted by some ne’er-do-wells. Rapscallions with nothing better to do mid-pandemic. I shut it down, to what was, I’m sure, the huge  disappointment of the two young patrons that were there for Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. But I couldn’t risk something inappropriate happening. 

Because of this, we are making some changes to zoom programs. Please, for the safety and security of all, fill out this registration form so that I can send you the link. In addition, please do me a few favors when you take part in a zoom program.

  • Keep yourself muted, except for when you might want to tell me something, about a story or song. 
  • Turn your camera on. It helps me greatly to know who I’m reading to, and helps me feel more secure about who is in the zoom room with me. 
  • Change your zoom name to the name of your participant. This is so that when you are in the waiting room, I know who you are and am able to, as well as more comfortable with, letting you in from the waiting room. 
  • Register. Let me know who is going to come, who I can expect, and who it is that wants to be here (and is appropriately aged for the activity).

I know this is an extra step and I apologize, but I feel better knowing we are secure. 

I also want to make sure you know that in no way is registering a ‘promise’ that you are going to come, it will just guarantee that I send you the link and the password I am going to use. If you think you might want to come, please register so that you at least have the option. Registration will ‘close’ an hour before the event, to give me time to get the information to everyone. 

This is just a first attempt. We are all learning. Please, let me know what is working for you and what is not, and I will do my best to work with you to make this all as fun AND as safe as possible.

Miss Frances

We know it’s tough to be stuck at home! It is for us too! So check out everything we’re doing to keep ourselves full of stories and fun!

Please, do us a favor and fill out this survey  and let us know how we can help you MORE!

Hi Friends! We’re trying something new– a creative writing group! This Tuesday at 2 we’re trying to meet to talk and write. If you want to join, or if you can’t make this Tuesday but would love to participate, email for the link!

Happy almost weekend,

Miss Frances


Check out our scheduled storytime on Zoom, and check back here for new links to books and activities for as long as we’re continuing online programs!

Story Time will be on Mondays at 3:00. Please join, and sing, dance, and laugh with us!

Tuesdays at 2:00 – Creative Writing for kids and teens. Grab a pen and paper or you writing device and meet us on zoom. Sign up ahead of time for the link.

Thursdays at 3:00 we’ll be making crafts!
You can request a to-go bag of craft supplies to pick up at the window before Wednesday at 2 pm or you may have the supplies at home already!
Sign up for the zoom link here and meet us online at 3 pm Thursday.


Check out Camp Candlewick! Camp Candlewick is an online program for avid young readers who may be staying safe at home this summer. Over the course of twelve weeks, young people in grades 1-12 can engage in a virtual book camp that encourages them to take part in shared reads, activities, and streaming events with prominent creators. 


There is so much on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, we’re going to do our best to curate selections for you. But this is just a start! Authors from all over are reading every day and we encourage you to share with us what you find, too!

To start, here’s a trailer for our neighbor Barbara McClintock’s new book The Three Little Kittens!

We look forward to sharing The Three Little Kittens book with you when the library reopens!

If you click on the hashtag #OperationStorytime there is a whole BUNCH of authors reading aloud! Here’s a link to the page on Instagram, too! 

For all you Wednesday Read, Rock, and Rhyme’rs, here’s a GREAT one:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🐛 Enjoy a reading of this classic tale with beloved author/illustrator Eric Carle! 🌞🍃🍎 🍐 🍓🍊🍭🍉🍦 🐛 🦋


Pete the Cat is live on Instagram too! Every day at 12 pm! A link to his profile is here.

Oliver Jeffers is live on Instagram once a day! Check out his conversation and live readings here! Each day at 2 pm!

One of my favorite online storytime resources is Jbrary. They’re from Toronto! Bringing some international flair to online stories and songs! Find Jbrary here! 


Another excellent resource for those long days inside is Audible! They are making a limited collection of stories available for free! Check back here for book clubs to be hosted on Zoom, using titles available on Audible! Start listening here


It’s not all about reading! Now is a great time to WRITE too! Check out author Kelly Yang’s writing classes on Instagram live! Here is a link to her profile

Check out author Jason Reynolds on Instagram: he’s got games to play to “kickstart those creative juices” (and a nice breakdown about what it feels like to create in these turbulent times). He goes LIVE on Fridays! If you play the invention/creation game, you can win a gift certificate!

And drawing, too! Miss Frances’ zoom storytimes will heavily feature Mo Willems, who also has free doodle classes! New episodes drop each weekday at 1. Learn to draw your own Elephant and Piggy!

Ben Clanton, of Narwhal fame, is doing Miximal Mondays on Instagram at 12:30 pm! Lunchtime doodling! Check out the link to his Instagram account here

And there’s always STEAM! Whizz Pop Bang has a page with directions to some cool experiments and projects to do at home. Find the link to the page here!


Don’t forget to MOVE throughout the day! Here are some of our favorite picks for a chance to stretch, move, sing, and play.

This is my all-time favorite, Yoga with Adriene: check out her class here for kids of all ages, and there are a ton more for every other circumstance imaginable! Always free on YouTube!

Our local yogi of Willimantic’s Yoga On North, Angie, is also posting yoga videos on YouTube: see them here

Sing along with Emily Arrow every weekday at 1! The link is here

The Laurie Berkner Band is doing a Berkner Break every weekday at 10 am on Facebook! Check out their profile here


There are also ZOOs posting daily tours! Check these out!

Our nearby Mystic Aquarium: daily at 11! link here.

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is going live Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2. Link here.

The Connecticut Science Center is going live a few times a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon! Check out their stuff on their Facebook page here.

Or go to ZOO SCHOOL with the Roger Williams Zoo! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm on YouTube. Here is a link to their YouTube channel

Farther away, there are zoos logging on too. Check out the Cincinnati Zoo daily at 3 pm! Link to events is here.  

Unofficially, lots of zoos are posting videos of their animals exploring empty territories. Here’s a link to the Kansas City Zoo’s Underwater Penguin Cam!

And here’s a little video of foster puppies at the aquarium! Win-win-win!