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Email to request your monthly take-and-make STEAM kit!

January’s theme is States of Matter.

Water turns to ice and the birds delight!
Learn about the states of matter while making a decorative and tasty treat for our bird friends. Birdseed STEM Ice Ornament kits are available January 14, 2021.


December’s theme is Biomes!

This month we have our first monthly take-and-make STEAM kit!

Request yours for curbside pickup and make your own Biome in a Box.

Request books about biomes by emailing childrenslibrarian@lebanonctlibrary.org and we’ll include a biome mapping and coloring activity for you to pick up as well. If you signed up for our email list this fall, please sign up again so we know how many kits to reserve for you to pick up. Thank you!

Here’s the Biome in a Box take-and-make video tutorial.


November’s theme was Newtonian Physics!

Let’s start out learning about gravity. Stop by the library to pick up the template for a balancing robot you can color and cut out. Then try to find the robot’s center of gravity by balancing it on your finger and other interesting objects you can find.

We have some books about physics, Isaac Newton, and gravity on display for you to choose from! We’ll have another experiment you can try at home this month. All you’ll need for this one is three different sized balls. We’ll send an email to Science Club members when we post the video so stay tuned!

Did you hear about the NASA SpaceX Crew bringing a “Baby Yoda” into space with them? When Baby Yoda started to float, they knew they had reached zero gravity!

October’s theme was SPACE!

10/21/20: It’s the third week of the month and time for a video about a career in the field. Check out this video to learn what a day in the life of an astrophysicist is like! Next Wednesday we’ll have our monthly video chat on Zoom so check your email after 1:00 pm on October 28th for the link and join us at 4:00 pm. Don’t forget to pick up your space brag tag at the library (inside or out) this month.

We also have a challenging game for you! It’s an escape room called Asteroid Collision. Click here or on the picture below to try and solve it. Email us if you get stuck and need hints.

Here’s Dylan with our Fizzing Moon Rock experiment. Do try this at home!

Have ready: Baking Soda; White Vinegar; Water; Black, blue, or purple food coloring; Pipette, meat baster, or squeeze bottle (If you don’t have these, something small you can pour liquid from will do.); A medium bowl; A baking dish; Glitter (optional)

Please email pictures of your experiments to childrenslibrarian@lebanonctlibrary.org

This month you can pick up (or download and print) a solar system illustration to color and label. We have some books on display that will help you with naming the planets. After you complete it, bring it to the library or take a picture and email it to childrenslibrarian@lebanonctlibrary.org then pick up your Space-themed brag tag!

Download a copy of the solar system illustration here.

October’s Introduction

Past months

September’s theme was WEATHER.

For week 5, we will have a Zoom meeting at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. Look for the email with the Zoom link on Wednesday at 1:00 pm and then join Claire to talk about what you learned about weather this month and enjoy a book!


Well, friends, weather month is coming to a close. It’s been a dry one! But some interesting clouds, and I hope you got a chance to observe some cool weather patterns. September is interesting because it starts to get chilly and the leaves start to change. One of my favorite months!

I found a few more cool videos to watch. One explains a little more about how weather is formed, one talks about one kind of extreme weather, and one talks about what you and your family should do to prepare for extreme weather. They are all from the same YouTube channel, which has a TON of cool science videos.

This one talks about weather forming, meteorologists, and patterns. I liked the bit about warm air and cold air– I don’t think we’ve seen that yet.

This one talks about one kind of extreme weather that has been making the news a lot lately.

And this last one talks about what to do to be prepared for when extreme weather hits. Probably not floods around here, but it’s good to have a kit ready! Blizzard season coming up!

It’s been so fun talking weather with you all, and next month should be a blast too- SPACE!



Wow, what weird and intense weather we’re having! What a month to be paying close attention to it! Have you seen what the sun looks like in our hazy skies? How interesting!

Here’s a picture I took while walking on the Lebanon Green:

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for our next video posting. This week, we’re going to talk about what a career in weather looks like. These two videos feature meteorologists on television. Have you ever wondered where they get all their information for their forecasts?  What about that whole standing-in-front-of-the-map stuff? Watch below to find out!

Video 1: Weather 101 for Kids with Meteorologist JD Rudd

Video 2: A Day in the Life of a Meteorologist

Keep sending us photos, of your experiments, of your wanderings and sightings outside, of whatever weather you come across!

It’s time for our monthly science experiment!

Grab a clean jar with a lid, food coloring, dish soap, white vinegar, measuring spoons, and some water. Follow along with our video and then let us know how your tornado in a jar turned out. Send pictures if you can, and don’t forget to share your photos of weather this month! childrenslibrarian@lebanonctlibrary.org

Thanks for sharing your jar tornadoes!


Here’s a video Miss Frances made for you on Sept. 2, 2020 when it was raining!

Come join us! Sign up for the email list here: https://www.lebanonctlibrary.org/science-club-inquiry/

Each month will have a theme- September’s theme is meteorology!

September’s activities include a photo contest.

Throughout the month, take photos of the weather (Clouds! Rainbows! Storms! Sky!) and email them to us at childrenslibrarian@lebanonctlibrary.org. We will post them around the library and on this web page. Participants will receive an official JTL Science Club brag tag!

Wednesday afternoon of each week will feature a new video posted on our website. Once a month, it will be an experiment you can do with items from around the house. Visit this page on or after September 9th for instructions on how to make a tornado in a jar. Get ready by making sure you have a clean jar, dish soap, white vinegar, and food coloring.

Meet with us online at the end of the month to see what your friends have captured, vote for your favorite, and talk about what you learned! The zoom will be on Wednesday, September 30th at 4:00 pm.

Download a fun worksheet to track today’s weather here and a weather word search here or pick up printed ones at the library on the JTL Science Club book display table!

We invite all children ages 4-12 to participate.

Check this page weekly for updates!


Can you identify the type of clouds in this photo?


And here’s a little video of foster puppies at the aquarium! Win-win-win!